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As a former Prosecutor, Joseph Patituce truly understands the consequences and difficult road their clients have before them.  Once an individual has been charged with federal crimes, typically a conspiracy charge, they face a fierce opponent in the United States Attorneys who are trying to prosecute them.

Now as a Federal Defense Attorney, Joe defends clients in Ohio and across the U.S. that have been charged with federal crimes ranging from federal drug charges to federal conspiracy charges.

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Reliable Federal Defense

As Ohio Federal Defense Attorneys it is our job to aggressively defend you from federal charges: drug charges, weapons charges, white collar crimes, internet sex crimes, sex crimes, robbery charges, and a whole host of other charges.

It is important that if you have been charged with a federal crime that you contact a federal defense attorney immediately, or have someone from your family do so on your behalf because the accused individual will be prosecuted by the “A” team…. not small-town prosecutors or county prosecutors.

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Proven Results

As defense attorneys we have established a reputation for being aggressive, diligent, and incredibly dedicated to our clients.

We stand proudly by our reputation, and because it is impossible to hide from information on the internet, we strongly urge you to look up what other people have said about us on the internet – you will see that we have a solid reputation for getting results.

Each case is different and we offer the flexibility needed to defend you from any federal charge.

Defense with Integrity

We often hear stories, and complaints, from people who have had friends or family members go through the legal system, that they are afraid that their attorneys will just try to force a plea on them.

At Patituce & Associates we will never “sell you out” in such a way, and we will always let you make the choice of whether or not you go to trial…. or you take a plea.

We are highly experienced Ohio Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers and we promise to defend you the way we would want our family members, or even ourselves, to be defended.